Speeding Up Your PHP Web Site

Google already announced that the speed of a web site is now used as a factor in determining its search rank. This is great news for the skillful PHP developer, since it allows you to gain an advantage over those not as dedicated to their art.

Following techniques you can easily adapt to your own web sites and web applications.

When I set out to speed up this web site, I used the Page Speed and YSlow plug-ins for Firebug as a basis for determing what to do. As a result, the key things that were looked at were as follows:

– Using a Content Delivery Network to serve web site files (such as CSS and images)
– Reducing the size of CSS and JavaScript files
– Caching page data (both on the server and in users’ web browsers)
– Automatically compressing returned content using Gzip

Note: There were other aspects (such as optimizing database tables and queries).